World of Chucko

Who is Chucko


In 2018, his peers elected ChuckO to be inducted into the
International Circus Ring of Fame in St. Armand Circle, Sarasota,

If you were to visit the famed John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art
and Circus in Sarasota, Florida, you would be treated to a popular
interactive exhibit featuring none other than CHUCKO!

In 2019, ChuckO, the All American Clown, published his book, “Destiny
or a Gift from God?” The book is receiving excellent reviews and it’s
now available on Amazon.

Chuck Sidlow is a professional comedian, clown, entertainer and much more!

He is a producer, director, announcer, master of ceremonies, and
consultant. His media experience generates favorable publicity
wherever he performs. Chuck’s appeal is internationally acclaimed for
his “All American” style.

Originally from Philadelphia, Chuck Sidlow began developing his
distinctive talents at Atlantic city’s famous “Steel Pier.”

He also studied the physical aspects of arena entertainment under
guidance of some of the most famous professional wrestlers of the 60s
and 70s. Sidlow further honed his skills as a student at Clown
College, where he was among the select few to receive a performance
contract with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Over time, Chuck earned the responsibility of supervising the entire
roster of clowns and the title of ‘’The Youngest Boss Clown," in the
history of the Greatest Show on Earth. His affiliation with Ringling
Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus as a performer, manager, advance
promotional ambassador and teacher at the Clown College took him
around the continental United States, Canada, Mexico and to Japan,
where he performed an aerial comedy routine 50 feet above the arena
floor. While in Japan, Chuck also served as an advance public
relations ambassador and classic image of the “American style live
cartoon circus clown.”

This “All American” image soon caught the attention of one of the
largest companies in Japan. They recruited him and Chucko remained
there for another 10 years; performing, teaching and creating original
routines, as the signature image character, and international talent
liaison. CHUCKO became fluent in Japanese; and met Miss Noriko, a
piano and Hammond organ teacher, as well as a highly respected music,
food, and fashion event producer. They married and returned to the
United States in 1999, and to this day, the talented couple continues
to create and perform together in many entertainment ventures.

Among CHUCKO’s most notable accomplishments is the development of a
social outreach program called “Laughter Unlimited” in America’s
“Circus City” Sarasota, Florida.

Daily, Chuck and Noriko continue to visit assisted living facilities,
retirement communities, nursing homes, special needs schools, and
facilities to bring meaningful programs, laughter, and diversion to
those in institutional settings.

This is an internationally acclaimed show business dynamo who can add
to the success of your event!

If you are seeking a fully produced Cabaret Show featuring the likes
of Groucho, Chaplin, and Satchmo, or an entertaining speaker who will
regale your guests with stories and comedy, or a clown to add levity
to a special occasion or performance, you’d be wise to feature Chuck
and Noriko Sidlow!

Please explore and enjoy this website, where you can see for yourself
the many faces of CHUCKO, and the variety of entertaining programs