Circus Clown

                  CHUCKO's  original "All American circus clown" character is internationally  recognized  and he is featured in his own interactive exhibit at the Tibbles Learning  center at the world famous Ringling Museum of Art and Circus in Sarasota Florida. Chucko  celebrates the title of  "the Youngest Boss Clown in the history of the circus" as bestowed to him by The Greatest Show on Earth!  Chucko has been nominated twice, for the prestigious Circus Ring of Fame , and continues to be the annual master of ceremonies for this event.   Chucko performs, teaches,lectures, and works as an adviser and consultant thru out America and Japan. His unforgettable smile and personal touch, along with his comical wit and cartoon movement create lifelong memories from the giant arena of Madison Square garden to the one ring intimate circus style that has become so popular today.   

Chucko's unique appearance,presentation,quick wit and unlimited amount of  original and classic routines make him a showstopper and asset to any production!

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World of Chucko

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